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White Shadow must stop a computer hacker from destroying Capital City's technology grid. What he lacks in strength however, he makes up for with clever traps and a twisted mind...


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    Podcaster Kayla Coyote is preparing for her latest episode when her feed is interrupted by a computer hacker known as Alfred Nerdlap. It seems Mr. Nerdlap is planning to destroy Capital City’s technology grid unless the city wires him millions of dollars. Well, not unless White Shadow has something to do about it...


    White Shadow arrives at Nerdlap’s lair confident that she will be able to take this geek out quickly. Unfortunately for her he has quite a few nefarious tricks up his sleeves. After sending a sonic charge through her body that renders her powers useless, he exposes her to a toxic gas that knocks her out and gives him time to...well explore her costume a bit more. It seems Nerdlap is hoping to make a girlfriend out of White Shadow.


    What follows is a series of traps involving various rope bondage (Nerdlap is very skilled with rope), toy torture, chloro, forced squirting orgasm, a poison dart, electroshock, and some sort of treacherous slime...


    After escaping one of Nerdlap’s traps White Shadow seems to get the upper hand and is about to take Nerdlap to jail when he pulls yet another dirty trick rendering her sightless and giving him enough time to take her down again.


    Ultimately Nerdlap tires of her escapes and decides it’s time to get rid of her for good, so he sets up a livestream and straps her up to a chair with some ropes a vibrator and a bomb. It seems she and Capital City are going to experience explosive consequences...


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    This film includes:


    • real vaginal toy insertion and closeups
    • electroshock wand
    • multiple forms of rope bondage
    • toxic slime
    • poison gas
    • poison dart
    • chloro
    • fondling/sleepy
    • ballgag
    • forced orgasm/squirting
    • female on male combat
    • male on female punches and slaps
    • full nudity
    • demask
    • live stream with negative audience commentary
    • pubic hair, and pube pulling
    • nipple clamps
    • loss of powers
    • voice over/internal monologue
    • secret identity/reveal
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