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Starring Blair Williams


SG is tracking down three villains who have been terroizing the city. Little does she know one of them isn't quite human....


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    In the heart of Capitol City's chaos, SG embarks on a mission to confront the trio of villains who have plunged the metropolis into fear and despair. Little does she know, lurking among them is a foe far beyond her wildest nightmares, an entity not quite human...


    Arriving at their hidden lair, she assumes her iconic SG uniform, ready to confront the malevolent trio head-on. Yet, as she infiltrates their stronghold, she is caught off guard by one of the villains, whose razor-sharp claws threaten to rip her legendary uniform to shreds. As she begins to gain the upper hand, the ringleader emerges from the shadows, unleashing a devastating barrage of energy blasts from his lethal laser gun, hurling SG into a harrowing battle for survival.


    As the assault wears her down, SG finds herself on the brink of defeat, her strength faltering beneath the relentless onslaught of her adversaries. But just when she believes she has faced the worst, they unleash a monstrous abomination of unparalleled power, a creature whose very presence overwhelms her with dread.


    Cornered and outnumbered, SG is subjected to a merciless onslaught, enduring unspeakable torment at the hands of her assailants. Finally, the monstrous entity unleashes a vile substance, flooding SG's veins with a sickly green Krypto fluid, sealing her fate....


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    This film includes:

    • femle combat against 2 males and 1 monster
    • triple bj/implied sex
    • monster cum
    • face, low, back punches
    • voice over
    • uniform transformation
    • uniform destruction
    • groping
    • topless/nudity
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